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Breaking into Cybersecurity Leadership Roselle Safran

Breaking into Cybersecurity Leadership Roselle Safran

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Breaking into Cybersecurity Leadership Roselle Safran

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The Breaking into Cybersecurity: It’s a conversation about what they did before, why did they pivot into cyber, what the process was they went through Breaking Into Cybersecurity, how they keep up, and advice/tips/tricks along the way.

The Breaking into Cybersecurity Leadership Series is an additional series focused on cybersecurity leadership and hearing directly from different leaders in cybersecurity (high and low) on what it takes to be a successful leader. We focus on the skills and competencies associated with cybersecurity leadership and tips/tricks/advice from cybersecurity leaders.

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About the hosts:

Renee Small is the CEO of Cyber Human Capital, one of the leading human resources business partners in the field of cybersecurity, and author of the Amazon #1 best-selling book, Magnetic Hiring: Your Company's  Secret Weapon to Attracting Top Cyber Security Talent. She is committed to helping leaders close the cybersecurity talent gap by hiring from within and helping more people get into the lucrative cybersecurity profession.

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Christophe Foulon focuses on helping to secure people and processes with a solid understanding of the technology involved. He has over ten years of experience as an experienced Information Security Manager and Cybersecurity Strategist with a passion for customer service, process improvement, and information security. He has significant experience in optimizing the use of technology while balancing the implications to people, processes, and information security by using a consultative approach.

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Cybersecurity Leadership & SMB Security Development
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