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Enhancing Application Security: A Deep Dive into OWASP and SANS Top 10 Training and Review

Insights into the CISO Mind Map

Step up your application security game! Our latest blog explores how training and reviewing with OWASP & SANS Top 10 can make a difference. #ApplicationSecurity #OWASP #SANSTop10

This expanded blog post provides a more in-depth look at the significance of training and review in application security, specifically through the lens of the OWASP and SANS Top 10. It aims to educate and motivate a broad range of stakeholders to adopt these practices for enhanced security.

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Christophe Foulon focuses on helping to secure people and processes with a solid understanding of the technology involved. He has over ten years of experience as an experienced Information Security Manager and Cybersecurity Strategist with a passion for customer service, process improvement, and information security. He has significant experience in optimizing the use of technology while balancing the implications to people, processes, and information security by using a consultative approach.

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