I help coach cybersecurity leaders looking to level up their careers in cybersecurity when they feel like they have stalled and are not achieving results. I help them achieve that by highlighting their passions and transferable skills and demonstrating the value they deliver!

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Who we are: CPF Coaching is a security practitioner-led coaching business focused on helping professionals and leaders in the cybersecurity field maximize their potential and achieve their goals. We offer individual and group coaching sessions, training, and career consulting services to help our clients navigate the ever-evolving and complex cybersecurity landscape. We leverage our experience, knowledge, and expertise to give our clients the guidance and support they need to succeed. We strive to empower our clients to become the cyber warriors they have the potential to be.

Start-up Advisory:

I love helping startups and small businesses flourish in today's tech-driven world. Through personalized coaching and ensuring safe tech use, I aim to take the mystery out of the digital scene, making it a friend rather than a foe. Each session brings new insights, addressing the unique needs and potential of the business I’m working with. Seeing these budding enterprises grow confident and tech-savvy, ready to stand out in a competitive market, is gratifying. I help create a solid tech foundation for these ventures by introducing simple yet effective cybersecurity measures. With the proper guidance and safe tech practices, we're setting a path for new entrepreneurs to thrive and make their mark. Through this hands-on approach, I’m not just offering a service but fueling the dreams and ambitions of the next wave of business leaders.

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I help coach cybersecurity leaders and startups looking to level up their cybersecurity when they feel like they have stalled and are not achieving results.


Christophe Foulon

My drive is to develop tomorrow's cybersecurity leaders with today's professionals. Subscribe to my Substack for 3️⃣ Ways to Improve your Resume 📝 More resources at gumroad.cpf-coaching.com/ Contact information poplme.co/cpf-coaching/dash